Large Mixed Gymnasiums

Here at NEW BODIES GYM we have a very large, fully-equipped mixed gymnasium. Established in 1994, you will discover we are short of nothing in this fantastically equipped facility, including a full range of Cardio Vascular to resistance machines and plenty of free weights.

Ladies Only Zone

Here we offer a friendly and relaxed environment, thats just for women. So, if your thinking about joining a ladies-only gym, but are not sure, let us tell you a bit about our ladies only zone here at NEW BODIES GYM. You might feel embarrassed because your not a perfect 10 or your fitness levels are not what they used to be. But, there is no need to feel like that when you come to us. We offer support and encouragement that will help you settle into the routine of coming to the gym.

Olympic Power Zone

NEW BODIES GYM has the biggest free weights area in the High Peak, and provides an Olympic power zone for people of all ages and abilities. For those wishing to actively compete in weightlifting or just improve your overall fitness.

Cardio Vascular Zone

Our cardiovascular zone includes many types of cardiovascular training-related equipment such as rowing machines, stationary exercise bikes, cross-trainers and treadmills. This area includes a number of audio-visual displays either integrated into our equipment, or placed on walls around the area itself in order to keep your exercise enjoyable during long cardio workout sessions.

Sundome Services

New Bodies gyms tanning booth is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation, usually for the purpose of a cosmetic tan or skin condtions. They are very similar to a tanning bed, but the design is such that it is intended to be used while standing up, rather than lying down. Perfect for preparing your skin before you go away on holiday in the sun so you don't get burnt when you arrive or to keep it topped up afterwards.